Frequently Asked Questions

How will a new boiler and insulation reduce my energy bills?

Old boilers can operate at just 35% efficiency meaning you could be wasting 35p of every pound you spend on energy.

The good news is that new boilers with an A rating can operate at around 90% which translates into less that 10p wastage. 

You could save up to £300 per year by replacing your old and inefficient boiler with a brand new one with an A rating.

What are the benefits of Under Floor insulation?

By adding insulation to your home you are reducing the amount of heat loss, eliminating drafts and helping to avoid pipes from freezing. 

Who qualifies for the free boiler/ insulation?

You must be a home owner or live with the home owner (eg. family member) 

Your boiler must be over 7 years old 

You must be in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits 

What is the ECO deal?

The ECO deal is a government energy efficiency scheme to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty .

Obligated suppliers (the big energy companies) must promote measures which improve the ability of low income and vulnerable households to heat their home. 

This includes actions that result in heating savings such as the replacement or repair of a boiler and the installation of insulation. 

This means that anyone on the qualifying benefits and have a boiler over 7 years old will have funding available for a new boiler. 

How long does the install take?

Our mechanical installs will generally take between 1 and 3 days depending on the system being installed.